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When Pete Scarcelli agrees to represent sultry Justine Kingman in divorcing her husband Ben—the richest man in town—he has no idea what he’s getting into.  But he soon finds out that Justine has more plans than just divorce for her husband—deadly plans.  When Pete initially refuses to go along, Justine reveals a secret from her past that changes his mind.

As he begins to plot with Justine, Pete also has to navigate around Sally Carruthers, a prosecutor and Pete’s foe in the courtroom, but a potential lover outside of it.  Her father, the chief of police, doesn’t want Pete anywhere near his daughter.  And then there’s Jack Greese, a hardboiled private eye who’s not above working both sides of the street.

As Pete is drawn deeper and deeper into blackmail and murder, he learns the hard way that only the devil stands between him and Justine.  And the devil is a slippery fellow indeed.

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Fourth Novel:  UNLUCKY MONEY

The beginning of a new mystery series starring Chinese American private eye Wendy Lu.

When Wendy takes on her first murder case, she doesn’t realize how dangerous it’s going to be.  Probing into the murder of Susan Fontaine, the wife of her client, wealthy real-estate developer Whit Fontaine—the primary suspect in the case—Wendy fights to prove he was framed.

Wendy used to be a cop but quit after a rookie mistake caused the death of her partner.  Now she leads a more traditional life, dealing with her guilt, feeling she has disappointed her parents.  Yet despite hostility from Fontaine’s arrogant business partner, opposition from the police, and violent threats on her life, she perseveres in the case.

And that’s when Wendy discovers things that Fontaine, his partner Tom McKenna, and even Ryan Connolly, the police detective in charge of the murder investigation, would like to keep secret—that Fontaine-McKenna Associates is using criminal-syndicate money to finance the casino the firm wants to build.  Now she is forced to use everything she’s learned just to stay alive.

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The last person Virginia lawyer Robert Shipley expects to see again is Lisa Lindstrom.  Their law school relationship didn’t end well, and Lisa is now married.  She is also the daughter of retiring Senator Lindstrom and used to getting her way.  So when she is mailed a videotape showing her in bed with another woman and told that she has five days to announce her decision not to run for her father’s office, she contacts Robert.  He tries to refuse, but it’s a losing battle.

That’s how he finds himself in the apartment of Lisa’s lover, Cate Gaulois, who is lying dead on the floor with a bullet in her chest.  All the evidence for the blackmail—and the murder as well—point to three men who seem to have known Cate through the local strip club where she danced:  Tommy Osborn, a ruthless, mob-connected tobacco lobbyist who introduced Lisa to Cate; Bill Murphy, an old-school congressional staffer in the opposition party whose card turns up in the club; and Frank Nelson, Senator Lindstrom’s chief of staff, an aristocratic Virginian with a strange taste for the strip-club scene.

Three tough, arrogant Washington, D.C., politicians—which one wants Lisa out of the race?  And which one now wants Robert Shipley dead?

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Second Novel:  PIRATES

You're an ex-SEAL named Hal Morgan.  You served in a desert war and returned to the States with plenty of scars inside as well as outside.  Now you sail charter boats in Puerto Rico, taking the tourists out to sea.  You're returning an empty boat to the marina when you spot a daysailer drifting ahead, apparently abandoned and ready to sink.  You come alongside and find a young woman in a torn, black cocktail dress, lying unconscious in the cockpit.  The daysailer doesn't look as though it will last long, so you hurry the woman over to your boat and do what you can for her.

When she wakes, she finds your gun in the cabin and demands that you go back and get some bag she left on the daysailer.  She acts as though this bag means a lot to her and it does.  Because the young woman Ana Cortez Bolano has just left her boyfriend, gangster boss Jaime Riviera, taking all his cash with her.

Now you have a choice: you can hand Ana over to Riviera, knowing what he'll do to her, or you can make like a white knight and help her escape.  The first decision is easy.  After that, well, things get complicated . . . .

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First Novel:  SMITH

Smith is a killer, a paid assassin.  Hired by the Enterprise, an American shadow agency, and trained by folks who know how to take a talent for killing and turn it into an asset. 

The first kills settle an old score.

The next job is to remove an unwanted Central American political figure.  It’s not a mission.  The mission is to stay alive.  It’s not a calling.  It’s a matter of life and death.

Smith would love to retire.  But there’s always one more job.  If Smith can live that long.

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Notebook and Pen

Short Story:  "Last Night at the Skipper's Lounge"

Tim Lockhart’s debut novel came out earlier this year [2017] amidst a lot of buzz and he’s here with a very dark tale indeed.  The Editors, Down & Out Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 2

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Ben Swenson, The Daily Press and The Virginian-Pilot

"[Author Timothy J.] Lockhart has found a groove with crime writing that’s fast-paced, gritty and thrilling.  'Evil Intentions Come' is noir fiction that delivers a sentence of doom for many in the vibrant cast of characters[.]  . . . [T]he recurring element that makes 'Evil Intentions Come' a page-turner, and that Lockhart deftly employs, is the plot twist.  Abrupt changes in course up to the final pages of the novel keep readers on their toes and wondering how Scarcelli will manage consequences that have spun out of control.

Ted Hertel, Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine

"Rick Ollerman, in his introduction to [EVIL INTENTIONS COME], defines 'noir' as 'a book where the protagonist starts out screwed and ends up screweder.'  This book fits that definition to a tee.  From the opening pages when the femme fatale walks into [protagonist Pete Scarcelli's] life, he is truly screwed.  His brain goes out the window faster than you can say 'James M. Cain.'  . . . This is a well-written, very entertaining look at a man whose brain has been replaced by a reproductive organ.  Sit back, relax and enjoy this story about someone whose life becomes so much worse by the minute.  Or by the page.  And be thankful it never happened to you."

Paul Burke, Crime Time FM Podcast

EVIL INTENTIONS COME is "embedded firmly in the best noir traditions" but "the twists are modern and clever."

Alan Cranis, Bookgasm

"Author Timothy J. Lockhart expands his crime fiction base after three previous novels by introducing a recurring character in his latest work, UNLUCKY MONEY.  The novel succeeds on its own merits, and presents a character we’d easily like to see more of.  . . . Lockhart readers cannot help but be satisfied with this new direction.  If, however, you missed Lockhart’s previous three crime novels, UNLUCKY MONEY is a fine way to begin to know Lockhart as well as Wendy Lu.  In either instance, we will now look forward to seeing 'A Wendy Lu Novel' on Timothy J. Lockhart’s forthcoming works."

East Coast Don,

"Pulp novels tend to be short and direct with little frills and fluff. [UNLUCKY MONEY] checks all the boxes.  . . . Lockhart’s style is bare bones narrative.  Just the facts in a linear investigation.  He does present sufficient background for Wendy Lu, enough to suggest that Lockhart will be returning to her in the future.  And I’m thinking future Wendy Lu books will be quite interesting, especially if Lockhart digs into her family history back in China."

Ben Swenson, The Virginian-Pilot

UNLUCKY MONEY has "all the suspense and action of a hardboiled thriller, but casts quite a different hero in this role.  The novel is [the author's] fourth and includes the classic ingredients--ample trouble, lurid backstories, shady gangsters and, of course, a whodunit with an unexpected resolution.  Here, however, Lockhart sets the hook deeper by way of a compelling protagonist and a vivid backdrop.  . . . Lockhart's outside-the-box approach to a genre that can be formulaic is a refreshing take on the vices readers love to encounter in well-made plots and characters."

Rick Ollerman, Author of Truth Always Kills

“The pages [of UNLUCKY MONEY] turned like uncovered clues.”

Nicholas Litchfield, The Virginian-Pilot

"A principled lawyer breaks all the rules and becomes a murder target while investigating the blackmail of an old classmate, and former lover, in novelist Timothy J. Lockhart’s scintillating new crime tale.  . . . Adeptly plotted and consistently engaging, 'A Certain Man's Daughter' is another noteworthy addition to Lockhart’s impressive canon of work."

Alan Cranis, Bookgasm

“. . . [A CERTAIN MAN'S DAUGHTER] includes several unexpected twists as it makes it way to the surprising revelations and conclusion.  And with only two previous novels to his credit, Lockhart is as assured in his characters, settings, and plot structure as any well-seasoned author with a long backlist.”

Paul Burke, Crime Fiction Lover

"[A CERTAIN MAN'S DAUGHTER is] pacy, lean and peppered with cynicism but then this is a story of Washington, blackmail, sleaze and murder.  Lockhart’s first two novels . . . were high-octane adventures.  This is a little laid back by comparison but is nonetheless an enjoyable hardboiled read with snappy dialogue and a touch of humour.  . . . You will fly through this novel.  The twist, which you may see coming, adds a touch of noir to a hardboiled tale."

Don Crinklaw, Booklist

“There's murder, mayhem, and steamy sex [in A CERTAIN MAN'S DAUGHTER], but the author seems to be attempting to attach himself to the more thoughtful side of Hammett and, particularly, Chandler.”

Ted Hertel, Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine

". . . [in A CERTAIN MAN'S DAUGHTER] Lockhart has created an interesting character in Robert Shipley, put him in a difficult situation, and allowed him to muddle his way through to a bloody conclusion in the hot seat of American power.  Along the way we get an inside look at Washington politics and the dirty way it is often played, complete with lobbyists, mob-connections, and hardball-playing politicians.  There is a touch of humor, often pointed at the system ('That’s about all members of Congress do now, you know, raise money for the next election.').  All of this combined makes for an entertaining and insightful look at how 'the game' is played."

Ron Fortier, The Virginian-Pilot

"Writer Timothy J. Lockhart . . . delivers a straightforward action thriller.  Each of his protagonists is noble and flawed.  Their interwoven fate propels them into a struggle they can survive only by trusting each other.  [PIRATES] is one hell of an adventure."

Paul Burke, NB

"Pirates is a pulp novel with a slick plot that delivers action and excitement but never loses sight of the need for decent characterisation.  As you fly through this pacy novel you will be caught up in Hal and Ana’s desperate fight for survival against overwhelming odds, they’re both easily likeable.  As a former naval officer Lockhart creates some credible scenes on the water, there’s also a real sense of peril for Ana and Hal and the action has a grounded, realistic feel.  Lockhart gets a couple of nice twists into the chase scenario and it’s all a bit more subtle than the usual fair.  There’s a kicker at the end too.  A thoroughly enjoyable read."

Nicholas Litchfield, Lancashire Post

"American author Timothy J. Lockhart delivers a barrage of thrills, spills, and blood-soaked ferocity in his explosive action-adventure yarn set in the hazardous rough waters of the Caribbean.  [PIRATES] is a modern-day high-seas thriller with . . . taut, suspenseful prose, as well as extensive, exhilarating gun battles, a disturbing blend of violence and eroticism, and unforgettable villainy."

Alan Cranis, Bookgasm:  Reading Material To Get Excited About

"Timothy J. Lockhart employs a classic plot for his second novel, PIRATES.  But thanks to striking characterizations and unfamiliar settings, Lockhart makes the story his own.  Lockhart’s prose style is direct and slightly hard-boiled.  His main focus is the action, but he allows just enough emotional insight into his characters to maintain our interest.  With a little more imagination in his plots Lockhart could become a crime novelist worth following."

Brian Boland, Author of Caribbean's Keeper and Graves in the Sand

"[PIRATES is a] high-seas adventure with modern-day pirates of the Caribbean. The story charts an unpredictable course with action as unrelenting as the tropical winds."

Bradley Harper, Author of A Knife in the Fog

"[In PIRATES] [f]ormer Navy SEAL Hal Morgan, whose external scars mirror his internal wounds, finds a chance at redemption when he stumbles upon Ana, the former mistress of a ruthless gangster named Rivera.  She's fleeing with a large sum of Rivera's money as her severance pay, and he will stop at nothing to get her, and the money back.  This taut and intelligently written novel will take you on a roller coaster ride around Puerto Rico as Hal and Ana fight for freedom, and atonement."

Richard Lange, Author of Angel Baby and The Smack

"[PIRATES is an] old-school thriller set in the treacherous waters of the Caribbean.  Packed with action, romance, and skulduggery.  Pulp, and proud of it."

Victor Gischler, Edgar-Nominated Author of Gun Monkeys

"[SMITH is a] riveting, page-turning thrill ride and a top notch debut.  Ten thumbs up."

Lou Berney, Edgar-Winning Author of The Long and Faraway Gone

"Smith is a taut, riveting thriller that combines rapid-fire action with nuanced and complex characters.  You'll have a hard time putting this novel down and won't want to."

Kristofer Upjohn, Noir Journal

"SMITH is a sleekly composed book, with taut wordsmithing and heaps of story shoe-horned into a wallop-packing 200 pages.  The plot can go anywhere at any time, and the suspense is palpable.  Lockhart is a modern master of pulp espionage and deserves a broad audience."

Gary Lovisi, Paperback Parade and Hardboiled Magazines

"Smith—just Smith—is a tough as nails killer, a secret operative and tough fighter, and Timothy J. Lockhart makes this adventure a compelling must read."

Fred Kirsch, Ship and Shore Magazine

Lockhart takes readers on a wild, 206-page trip of international intrigue as Smith knocks off bad guys, keeping a step ahead of death and wrestling with a haunted past.  Lockhart shows himself to be a great storyteller."

Don Crinklaw, Booklist

"[SMITH has] sequences of edgy suspense and artfully done violence.  And generous helpings of sex.  A chilling story that knows what lurks behind those superspy romances."

Nicholas Litchfield, Lancashire Post

An "explosive debut novel" that is "[s]olidly entertaining" with a "lead character who has plenty of grit and toughness."  SMITH is "a notable hard-boiled noir that hits the ground running, with guns blazing and knives slashing, and doesn’t let up until there are ample corpses piled high."

Evan Lewis, The Virginian-Pilot

SMITH is "a promising debut, with tight, no-nonsense prose, convincing dialogue, realistic action, and a character whose problems make our own pale in comparison."

Bill Crider, Pop Culture Magazine

SMITH is "done well, and it didn't give me any idea of where the book was headed.  The final job and its results surprised me . . . ."

Elaine Raco Chase, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author

"A distinctive new voice in the mystery/thriller field!  Smith is a bold, brilliant and resilient character who makes you keep turning the pages and devouring every word.  Author Lockhart knows how to pen a thriller that keeps the reader on edge with twists and turns and surprises to die for—and someone always does!"

"[A]nother honorable mention would be:  Timothy J. Lockhart’s [short story] 'Last Night at Skipper’s Lounge.'  It had an absolutely captivating level of visual imagery.  His description of the look and internal feel of a Pensacola bar frequented by Navy pilots is fleshed out with succinct authenticity."

Open Book

“A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us.”

Franz Kafka

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Lawyer and Former Navy Officer

Timothy J. Lockhart is a lawyer and former U.S. Navy officer who worked with the CIA, DIA, and Office of Naval Intelligence.  In addition to publishing several mystery and thriller novels, he has published numerous articles and book reviews in a variety of publications, including Naval Intelligence Quarterly, Naval War College Review, and The Virginian-Pilot.  He lives in Norfolk, Virginia, with his wife and daughter.

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Interviews, Book-Signings, and Other Events with Timothy J. Lockhart

Click here for an interview with Timothy J. Lockhart on Paul Burke's CRIME TIME FM podcast.

Click here for an interview with Timothy J. Lockhart in THE BIG THRILL magazine.

Launch Party/Book Signing

Prince Books

109 East Main Street, Norfolk, VA 23510

2-3 p.m., Saturday, July 15, 2023

Book Signing

The Book Exchange

2720 North Mall Drive, #200, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

2-4 p.m., Saturday, June 10, 2023

Book Signing

The Book Exchange

116 East Little Creek Road, Norfolk, VA 23505

2-4 p.m., Saturday, May 27, 2023

The Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center,

5701 Marinelli Road, North Bethesda, MD 20852

Friday, May 12, 2023 (beginning at 5:30 p.m.), and Saturday, May 13, 2023 (all day)

Click here for more information.

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